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E-special Orders

Rock Your Body

Attending to many requests, and thinking that finding great-fitting clothes shouldn’t be a struggle for any women, VANITA ROSA decided to expand its size range by custom made clothing with no extra fee. After all, no one should overpay for its body type!

How It Works ?

Easy ! Take a look at our eshop and discover your favorite model, add to your kart by choosing "E-special Order" in the size field. Once your order is payed, you just need to fill in your informations and your specifications size in the chart below.

How Long It Takes to Receive my Order  ?

It will take a maximum of 15 days to get your order.

Can I Exchange my E-special Order  ?

Your E-special Order is very unique and made exclusively for you. It will be done exactly for your measures in our own workshop in Paris. That's why all custom orders can not be exchanged neither refunded. 

Special Orders Only

Fill in Your Specifications Size

Thank you ! We will be carefully treating your order !